Eastern Plumas Health Care Board Votes Unanimously to Oppose Portola Mine!

Today- March 25th, 2021, the Eastern Plumas Health Care (EPHC) Board of Directors voted unanimously to send a strong letter to Plumas County opposing the Portola Industrial Mine and Asphalt Plant proposed for Portola. The hospital is only about a mile from the mine site and would be severely impacted. Thanks to all those who attended virtually and spoke out. Community support made a difference!  You can thank the board for their strong action by sending an e-mail to jessica.folchi@ephc.org.

April 2, 2021 Update:

EPHC Hospital released this letter to Plumas County today, strongly and unanimously opposing the proposed aggregate mine in Portola.

The board stated in the letter:

“At this time, the physical, mental, and emotional health of our patients, our staff, and our community is under threat by the proposed Hat Creek Project…A significant decrease in property taxes could threaten the viability of our hospital….”

click on the link below for the pdf file of the full letter:

Letter to Plumas County Planning Director

The “Sand Wars” Have Come to Town

This film documents the global ecological impact of the sand and aggregate industries, and how animals, plants, beaches, rivers and livelihoods are put at risk by the extraction of this diminishing resource. Includes examples of how communities are organizing themselves to stop destructive sand extraction projects. This film makes it clear that the Portola, CA Sand Mine is but one battle in a global conflict. Highly recommended!


…is the word we should be using when talking about the mine plan. This is not some barren hillside or pile of sand waiting to be extracted and used for fracking and construction. This is a living, biotic community on the edge of town that would be irreparably destroyed and lost to the people of Portola forever. Everything in these photos would be destroyed if even a scaled down mine plan was approved. Let’s not forget the ecological impact when discussing the human impacts…..
How about Portola Sand Hills State Park?
or even better…
Reposa Sand Hills County Park (former name of Portola)
We deserve this amenity- why should only Quincy have a “Gansner Park” to recreate in??