Give Portola Some Love! Portola Citywide Trash Cleanup/ Mine Defeat Celebration

Illegal dumping is a problem throughout Feather River Country. Let’s give Portola some love and celebrate our defeat of the industrial sand mine and asphalt plant!  Saturday June 5th meet at 10am at the park across from city hall. We will disperse across the city and reconvene at 12:30pm at the park for a casual lunch/ celebration of the mine defeat. Please continue to physically distance during this event. Event is at your own risk.
Please Bring:
– hat
– sunscreen
– water
– bag lunch
– work gloves/ long sleeves/ wear old clothes
-folding chairs
– face masks if needed
We will provide disposable gloves and garbage bags. Thank you to city of Portola for providing disposal services. Please contact us with any questions.

Thanks for your support!

Don’t trash Portola!

Electric Cars “Good for the Environment”? That’s a Bright Green Lie

I want to encourage everyone to watch the above interview with the authors of Bright Green Lies  — both a book and a documentary exposing the corrupt ideas of the modern mainstream environmental movement.
The main thrust is that this culture’s energy usage must be cut dramatically— not just transitioned to solar, wind and biomass, if we are to avoid catastrophic impacts to ourselves and future generations. We must do this asap. Not electric cars replacing gas powered ones, but bicycles, buses and trains, and most importantly less travel, less meat consumption, and less electricity usage. Like 90% less asap. Or we are screwed.
From species extinctions as a result of turning living forests into biomass factories, to impacts on bats and birds from wind farms, to desert tortoise harms caused by solar farms, it is clear that we cannot continue our indulgent energy usage much longer. To pretend otherwise when we know the facts is a position of hubris, and dangerous denial.
Check out the above video- which includes the Bright Green Lies trailer- and let us know what you think in the comments below. Perhaps Feather River Action! could hold an outdoor community screening of the film with a discussion afterwards if people are interested…

“PORTOLA MINE IS DEAD”: Hat Creek Sells 713 Acre Site to Community Group

The following e-mail was sent out yesterday evening from the Stop Portola Mine group. This is incredible news. Hat Creek knew they were facing an uphill battle, with local opposition coming from all quarters and air quality regulators breathing down their neck. We can now plan to enjoy, protect and plan for the future of Portola’s greenbelt without a horrific industrial site threatening the Feather River and local inhabitants.
The ten-ton gorilla in the room was recreation, and the growing realization that the economy and environment would be better served by open space rather than a mine that would have destroyed much of the recreation-based economy in the area.
Thanks to everyone who worked to make this welcome development a reality. – FRA!


TLT Enterprises LLC/ Hat Creek Construction has sold the 713 acre site of the proposed Portola Aggregates Mine to Plumas Sierra Partners, LLC, effective May 6, 2021. Since December 2020 StopPortolaMine, with your help, has engaged in a major effort to stop the proposed  Portola Aggregates Mine slated to be built at 77413 Meadow Way in Portola.  The StopPortolaMine team, the 1400 supporters of StopPortolaMine, community organizations and Plumas Sierra Partners, LLC has Saved Eastern Plumas County.
Plumas Sierra Partners is exploring uses for the property that are environmentally compatible with the property location, beneficial to the community, and consistent with the rural agricultural nature of the greater Portola area. Let’s hear your ideas on alternative land uses for these beautiful 713 acres.
StopPortolaMine is switching gears from stopping the mine to working with Plumas Sierra Partners to develop this land into an asset to Portola and the whole Eastern Plumas County. We will set up teams to research and develop land use plans. 
Our heartfelt thanks to you for the very hard work you did.
Warren and Valari Simison