3 Replies to “Save the Rainforest: Stop the US Forest Service Community Destruction Plan”

  1. You have identified forests where you don’t want logging to occur. Assuming you live in a structure that is built from lumber you realize the need for lumber. Have you identified forests where you would happy to have lumber harvested from?

    1. Yes, logging companies should stick to their private land and they should be denied access to publicly owned lands, which should be allowed to recover from the assault they have already endured.

  2. Thank you, Josh and Feather River Action for standing up and speaking out to protect our precious forests from the ecologically destructive “thinning” (i.e., logging !) projects now assaulting California forests — under the guise of “wildfire resilience” or “wildfire reduction” or “forest thinning” or “forest health treatments.” All of these are just the latest Public Relations catch phrases to pull the wool over the eyes of the public as they cut our forests down with these LOGGING projects. The jargon is designed to misinform and mislead people, and scare them about wildfire danger, so logging and biomass industries and (sadly) government agencies too (U.S. Forest Service, Cal Fire, Cal. State Parks) can get away with forest murder. Folks, same as always, don’t cut down our trees and forests; instead, create defensible space no more than 100 ft. from houses, and use home “hardening” treatments to embers don’t ignite them. LEARN MORE: https://www.TreeSpiritProject.com/wildfire

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