Disc Golf Course / Fire Clearing Destroys Most of Portola Riverwalk Park

Heavy Equipment damage near the Feather River –  this will wash away in winter rains, leaving an eroded mess.

If you haven’t been down to the Portola Riverwalk park recently, there have been some…..uh….changes to the landscape, involving large equipment. Regulars on the Riverwalk were shocked at the scale of the clearing, calling it severe.  The city’s CEQA document claims the project only involves “minor alterations to land.”

Looks a bit more than minor – more like Hat Creek Construction set up shop in the heart of Portola. We contacted Tim Rhode, the main proponent of the disc golf course, for comment on the devastation and he told Feather River Action! that there were “bums” sleeping in the shrubs and this “needed to happen.”
People were excited to see a disc golf course down at the Riverwalk but expected it to blend in – not take over the landscape. The disc golf course at the Brewing Lair is a good example.
Have you been down to the Riverwalk recently? What are your thoughts? Poster child for bad forest/ land management or necessary fire prevention?

Birdhouses put up by Audubon and local residents lie broken after being destroyed by the heavy construction related to the new disc golf course. The fate of the residents of the houses is unknown.