Disc Golf Course & Fire Clearing Bring Dramatic Changes (and Opportunities) to Portola Riverwalk Park

Portola Riverwalk Disc Golf Course takes shape.

If you haven’t been down to the Portola Riverwalk park recently, there have been some big changes. Regulars we spoke to on the Riverwalk were surprised at the scale of the clearing —  done during fire season as the Dixie fire threatened.  However, in general people seem excited to see a disc golf course at the Riverwalk and there is new interest in an organized ecological restoration effort in the park.

Heavy Equipment use has led to erosion issues at Portola Riverwalk Park next to the Feather River –  much of this has since been covered with mulch but there is a lot more work to do to replant, stabilize the soil, and mark out areas to be protected .

Have you been down to the Riverwalk recently? What are your thoughts? How do you see the future of this large public park and open space in the middle of Portola? Trails? Garden allotments? Butterfly gardens? New bike/ ped bridge across the Feather River? There is a lot of potential.

Re-planting efforts near the start of the course

We are hopeful the city of Portola will schedule a public meeting to discuss restoration efforts, a shared vision for the future of the park and accommodate multiple uses of the land. To volunteer with habitat restoration and trail building in the park, contact Tim Rhode.

Where a natural stream crosses the first hole of the new disc golf course at Riverwalk Park, during the heaviest deluge of the recent Oct. 24th storm. We hope the city will restore this area during the upcoming trail resurfacing by putting in a bridge or boardwalk in this area. As you can see it is needed.