Fix ‘Our’ Forests ACT (HR 8790) Threatens to Break Them— Take Action and Spread the Word

Public forest at risk from the Forest Service,Strawberry Valley, CA 2024 Credit: Josh French
John Muir Project Action Alert: Your voice is needed to protect our forests and communities! Please take action now to urge your Representative to oppose HR 8790, the ‘Fix Our Forests’ Act.

What’s at Stake?
HR 8790, introduced by Representatives Bruce Westerman (R-AR) and Scott Peters (D-CA), is a logging bill in disguise that would:

Increase Wildfire Risks: Contrary to its claims, this bill promotes unchecked logging under the guise of “thinning,” which has been shown to increase wildfire risks. Recent tragedies in Ruidoso, New Mexico, and northern California highlight the dangers of this approach.
Undermine Environmental Protections: The bill would weaken critical safeguards like the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act, jeopardizing forest ecosystems.
Limit Public Accountability: HR 8790 restricts judicial review and excludes public input on crucial forest management decisions, favoring industry interests over sustainable practices and community resilience.

Why Oppose HR 8790?

Protect Forest Ecosystems: Our forests are vital for biodiversity, climate stability, and community health.
Promote Effective Wildfire Prevention: Evidence-based strategies like home hardening and community-centered efforts are more effective and sustainable.
Ensure Transparency and Accountability: Public input and judicial review are essential for responsible forest management.

How Can You Help?

Contact Your Representative: Click here———> Action Alert to urge your Representative to oppose HR 8790.
Spread the Word: Share this alert with your friends, family, and social networks to amplify our collective voice.
Engage with Local Environmental Groups: Join efforts to support sustainable forest management and oppose harmful legislation.

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