FRA! Silicon Valley Protest Against Thacker Pass Lithium Mine

Taking the message to Silicon Valley, where nearly every other car is a Tesla and the drivers are under the impression that they are saving the Earth. Could not be farther from the truth…

Feather River Action! held a protest this morning in Menlo Park. We handed out dozens of flyers, and received a bunch of thumbs up and vocal support from passersby. There was even support from some Tesla drivers who wanted to learn more about the truth of what is involved in the manufacture of electric vehicles. At one point there was a vocal chorus of “F*** Elon Musk!!” from several of us outside of Peet’s Coffee (no one likes a sociopath).

Even in the belly of the beast— Silicon Valley— there is strong support for the Thacker Pass protesters and real concern for the destruction happening in the name of “green tech.”

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