Ridin’ the Rails Through Feather River Country

Shame one has to break the law or be a railroad employee in order to ride the beautiful rail route through Plumas County! A few years back there was an excursion passenger train on offer, but we’re not sure that is planned again. We need a better passenger rail system in the U.S.!

If we took the nearly billion public dollars that the Forest Service is handing to the logging industry instead of actually protecting homes (as part of the Community Destruction Project) maybe we’d have at least the beginnings of passenger rail along the Feather River from Oroville to Reno so people would have choices. Anyway, enjoy the scenery in these videos…..Plumas County portion in first video starts around 17:40 and second video at 6:45.

RIP Stobe the Hobo. Gone but not forgotten…..

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