Tell Caltrans and Hat Creek We Don’t Want Their Asphalt Plant on the River!

We visited the proposed site of the asphalt plant on Sunday May 14th and took these photos. We observed an impacted area closer to the railroad and rich, healthy habitat in the area along the river, including frogs, nesting birds, and pollinating insects. The text screenshots below were lifted directly from the environmental document for the planned asphalt plant in Delleker. As you can see, professionals make a (rather good) living lying to the public about impacts. We refuse to be gaslit with misleading information when our own eyes clearly show the opposite. No asphalt plant on the river! Write to and tell her we will not allow this and why. Get all your friends to do the same.

The photos below were taken by Feather River Action! on Sunday May 14th.

The Middle Fork Feather River at the planned asphalt plant site. The env. document states, “the proposed location of the asphalt plant is situated well over three meters from the Middle Fork Feather River…” Well that’s a relief — nearly ten feet!

Note “slow moving reliefs” to the right of this photo. We observed frogs in one of these ponds during our visit…

Note plentiful “nectar bearing vegetation”–  nature is well on its way to reclaiming this land.

Note that Plumas County is within the highest hazard/ 2nd to highest hazard area for earthquakes, contrary to what the environmental document states above.
Though the land has been damaged and dumped on, it is healing. This area should become a buffer between the river and the industrial area, and allowed to recover, not be polluted and degraded further, particularly considering the proximity to the sensitive river habitat, drinking water reservoirs, and downstream swimming, boating and recreation.

Note FEMA 100 year flood zones indicate the entire site will likely be inundated during heavy storms, carrying downriver whatever asphalt waste was leaked or dumped on the ground.

Note that FEMA flood maps are outdated and do not consider additional risks resulting from the climate crisis.

Water is life, and the Feather River needs you to stand up and protect her. Please contact us to volunteer today!

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  1. This environmental hazard can be easily avoided by simply moving the operation 30 miles east of Portola.

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