Electric Cars “Good for the Environment”? That’s a Bright Green Lie

I want to encourage everyone to watch the above interview with the authors of Bright Green Lies  — both a book and a documentary exposing the corrupt ideas of the modern mainstream environmental movement.
The main thrust is that this culture’s energy usage must be cut dramatically— not just transitioned to solar, wind and biomass, if we are to avoid catastrophic impacts to ourselves and future generations. We must do this asap. Not electric cars replacing gas powered ones, but bicycles, buses and trains, and most importantly less travel, less meat consumption, and less electricity usage. Like 90% less asap. Or we are screwed.
From species extinctions as a result of turning living forests into biomass factories, to impacts on bats and birds from wind farms, to desert tortoise harms caused by solar farms, it is clear that we cannot continue our indulgent energy usage much longer. To pretend otherwise when we know the facts is a position of hubris, and dangerous denial.
Check out the above video- which includes the Bright Green Lies trailer- and let us know what you think in the comments below. Perhaps Feather River Action! could hold an outdoor community screening of the film with a discussion afterwards if people are interested…

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