BREAKING: USFS Backs Off Large Portion of Plumas Forest Destruction Plan After Lawsuit / Objection

SAVED (at least temporarily): Old growth forest in the area the Forest Service has withdrawn its Decision Notice for. Credit: Josh French
In response to the objection led by John Muir Project, and supported by Plumas Forest Project and Feather River Action! in late May against the (“non-emergency”) 271 square mile portion of the CPP-Central/West-Slope logging project, the Forest Service withdrew their draft Decision Notice affecting this area. This decision impacts all the outlined areas on the map below in Central and Western Plumas County (apart from the “emergency” areas marked in green) that are being challenged by our lawsuit (still awaiting an initial hearing). Though they withdrew their decision notice, the environmental assessment (EA) still covers this area and we continue to be in litigation to reject the entire EA and require an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The Forest Service could re-issue the decision at any time.
Map of planned logging activities on the Plumas National Forest. Areas in green are “emergency” areas which are being litigated but could be logged as early as August. Areas outlined but not in green are “non-emergency” areas that the Forest Service has withdrawn their decision notice for.
It’s likely that our lawsuit filed in March, as well as the strong objection, backed with scientific studies and informed by Dr. Hanson’s expertise, was a critical factor in the USFS decision to abandon— for the time being— essentially two thirds of the massive (and overblown) “Community Protection Project.”
How do you think logged vs. non-logged forests compare in their ability to hold on to critical moisture during a heat wave like we’re experiencing this week in Northern California? It is clear by now that industrial logging dries out forests, adds millions of tons of carbon to the atmosphere, and endangers communities of all species, including humans.
See above map of impacted area and Forest Service letter linked below . Let us know if you have questions. If you support our efforts and have the funds, we could really use your support for lawsuit and outreach expenses. This effort is critical in protecting the wild AND our communities. Thank you to those who have contributed so far. Please donate here.

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