Dr. Swain on Recent Record Shattering Climate Events

If you are not familiar with Daniel Swain, he is probably California’s foremost weather expert. In his latest online office hours, he outlines the El Nino conditions impacting the Earth at the moment, with recent extreme fires and floods in Greece, China, Canada and elsewhere. He talks about the trajectory we are on for 2.5 or 3 degrees centigrade average warming, which would be truly catastrophic on a global level.
The overall path we are on is grim, particularly if people insist on the levels of energy consumption and hypermobility to which many — especially the wealthy— have become accustomed, and if people continue to allow forest thinning (AKA deforestation) that releases carbon into the air and inhibits future absorption.
We highly recommend subscribing to Daniel’s regular office hours on youtube— it is the best available climate / weather analysis geared to California.
Bottom line: We need to drain the tub (let forests and grasslands recover) and stop filling it (burning fossil fuels). Watch to the end for a full explanation from Daniel.

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