Do You Work in the Woods? Want to Become a Whistleblower?




Do you work for a state or federal land management agency, logging company, or one of their contractors? We’ve heard some pretty disturbing rumors lately about public agency employee behavior, and although we have no specific evidence to support these rumors, we would like to get to the bottom of these alleged environmental crimes.

If you come to us to report wrongdoing, we will 100% keep your information secure and never divulge it to anyone. We have over 12 years experience working with whistleblowers from different industries and have never divulged a source without their permission. We take this responsibility extremely seriously. If we did not, no one would trust us to handle sensitive info and we would not receive valuable information that could put a stop to the destruction.

If you have any information about ecocide or other crimes, please contact us confidentially. We will never do anything with this information without your full permission and consent. Thanks for being an ally of nature.

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