We’re Raising Money to Protect Thacker Pass, NV

Feather River Action! is raising money for Protect Thacker Pass, who are working to fight the lithium mine planned for Northern Nevada.

FRA! has already successfully raised $2500 from an anonymous donor to support this important campaign. Please join me in supporting this cause and give what you can and/ or spread the word!

Will we continue to despoil the wild in pursuit of false, profit driven solutions or protect sacred land for future generations? It’s up to all of us. Read more about what real solutions to our climate crisis involve here.

You can easily make a donation by going to https://givebutter.com/protectthackerpass Any amount makes a difference. Thank you for your support for this critical movement!

One Reply to “We’re Raising Money to Protect Thacker Pass, NV”

  1. I’m a land value taxer. That means I support public policy that takes the contrary view that we the people don’t have to pay to use land, but that rather those who claim title to land should have to pay the rest of us to stay off that land.

    This conservative (holding the Earth as a common birthright) perspective can unite YIMBYs, Sierra Clubbers, urban space advocates, Earth Firsters! , and lefties, righties, and in-betweeners in constructive dialogue leading to action.

    Give me a holler, if you wish, and we can begin that constructive dialogue leading to a wider defense of the Feather River region.

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