Rewilding with Beavers: Let the Rodent do the Work!

Above is a highly recommended presentation on beavers and how these keystone species can restore environmental health. Many streams and creeks in Plumas and Sierra Counties have become eroded, silty channels. Yet this is not what they have historically been. Allowing beaver to repopulate these areas would improve the health of ecosystems, filter and improve water quality, reduce fire risk, and increase fish populations. Yet believe it or not some people think it’s OK to spend public money to kill them via drowning and other cruel methods!

Plumas & Sierra Counties killed 258 beavers between 2010 and 2020 with no environmental analysis, using public tax dollars. Thankfully the program is still on hold following our successful lawsuit last year and they cannot legally re-start the “Wildlife Services” killing contract without the court-mandated environmental review. Please take your time, counties. The keystone species beaver need to have space and time to repopulate. Hopefully in the meantime the county boards of supervisors (or the voters) will have a change of heart, and kill the program.

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